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Learn to Sail

Sarnia Sail Training

The Sarnia Yacht Club has been providing sail training since 1951 and has developed a program that has gained a reputation of excellence. Catering to children 5 and older and adults older than 18 years, the program provides qualified instructors that guide students through the fundamentals of sailing and seamanship, recognizing achievements with certification in accordance with CYA (Canadian Yachting Association) standards.

The program, which is self-funding, is consistently supported by SYC member donations and fund-raising activities. Students utilize the SYC Basin for entry-level lessons with advanced lessons and race teams sailing the clear blue waters of Lake Huron.

All students are provided with well maintained boats that are selected for their ability to provide a safe learning environment. Looking for a great way to enjoy your summer and have lots of fun…?

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Learn to Sail

Youth Sailing Lessons

Advanced Youth Training

Adult Sailing Lessons

Our Fleet

Topaz ‘Taz’

Crew – 1-2
Length – 9’8″
Hull weight – 88lbs

Topaz ‘Vibe’

Crew – 1-3
Length – 150lbs
Hull weight – 12’6″

Topaz ‘Omega’

Crew – 1-7
Length – 15’5″ 
Hull weight – 350lbs

Club 420

Crew – 2
Length – 13’9″ 
Hull weight – 180lbs

Optimist or ‘Opti”

Crew – 1
Length – 7’5″
Hull weight – 77lbs

Laser 2

Crew – 2
Length – 14’4″
Hull weight – 168lbs

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