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Director in charge – Dave Fogel 


Jobs which can be completed anytime. Contact Dave Fogel 519-330-3853 to schedule and obtain materials.

Here is the list. The breakdown of equipment, number of people and hours estimated will follow.

Club House
● Replace refrigeration in walk-in with new one;
● Sand and paint family washroom door at south entrance if necessary;
● East facing overhang of patio needs soffit and fascia installed around deck;
● Replace kitchen man door on west side;

Clubhouse storage building
● paint exterior of building

● clean out eavestroughs

● scrape and paint exterior of the entire building;
● paint baseboards dark in shop washroom

Motorized equipment building
● Repair lighting as needed;

● scrape and paint exterior of building;
● Repair kitchen floor where wall was removed;
● Install a pull handles on the family washroom:
● clean eavestroughs

Sail Training building
● Finish sail training building repairs . Sheathing siding vapour barrier yet to finish;

● Restain all 5 Gazebos if needed;
● Replace any floor boards that are needed;

Race Shack
● New ceiling tiles;
● New man door needed ? Kelly Boston
● Replace/repair soffit & facia;

Members lockers on North wall
● stain lockers;

Lockers by Galley
● assess required repairs and stain lockers if needed:

Electrical Building (on hill between clubhouse and office)

Electrical Building at 5 Dock
● Scrape and stain if needed;

Paint white and red rocks

Remaining Workday Jobs

Director in charge – Vice Commodore


North Shore:

  1. Paint new 4” pipe to be laid as barrier between grass and parking gravel.  Supplies:  small rollers, brush, tray, yellow caution paint

  2. Paint flag poles at Clubhouse and race shack.  Supplies:  small rollers, brush, tray, white paint – assistance to lower flag pole at clubhouse and ladder for flagpole at race shack.

  3. Paint wood on picnic tables (8?) (as well as 3? On grass north of office)  Supplies:  small rollers, brush, tray, gray paint

  4. Trim south side of North Shore hedges and clean-up.  Supplies:  hedge trimmers, paper waste bags

  5. Whipper snip, cut grass and small trees on Blunt’s point.  Supplies:  whipper snipper, push lawnmower, small saw

  6. Paint children’s fiberglass toy box for beach toys and move to the beach.  Supplies:  small roller, tray, some happy colour – Red or blue?

Club property wide:

  1. Finish staining dock boxes that did not get finished.  Supplies:  small roller, tray – or sprayer, brown stain.

  2. Finish staining outer and inner walls of garbage compound fences.  Supplies:  small roller, tray, some happy colour – Red or blue?

  3. Paint flagpole at Jr. Sailors’ compound.  Supplies:  small roller, brush, tray, black paint, assistance lowering flagpole.

  4. Paint trim at Galley and Wheelhouse.  Supplies: small rollers, brushes, trays, blue paint, 8’ and 20’ ladder

  5. Paint railings and stair tread edges on stairs to Wheelhouse.  Supplies:  small rollers, brushes, trays, blue paint

  6. Paint parking blocks and barriers throughout the club.  Supplies:  small roller, brush, tray, caution yellow paint