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Director in charge – Dave Fogel 


Top 10 Jobs for 2023

      1. Replace roof fan at Gally (Paul Butler)

      2. Replace 2 x 2 tile in Ladies washroom at the clubhouse

      3. Replace door and window knob on the clubhouse storage building

      4. Sand & paint family washroom door and jam in the Clubhouse

      5. Replace/repair race shack door knob and lock

       6. Install new AC unit in the race shack and place red lights over time sheet desk.

Club House

  • Install new countertop and shelves-bar;
  • Remove sliding door off stage – replace with window and seal exterior of building;
  • Replace refrigeration in walk-in with new one;
  • Remove and replace carpet on stage stairs to washrooms dock level;
  • Sand and paint family washroom door at south entrance;
  • East facing overhang of patio needs concrete repair and painted where loose and broken;
  • Replace kitchen man door on west side;
  • Replace kitchen exhaust fan;

Clubhouse storage building

  • Install new door knob and window. Paint exterior of building;



Motorized equipment building

  • Replace both doors on west building & paint;
  • Repair lighting as needed;


  • Repair kitchen floor where wall was removed;
  • Replace exhaust fan on the roof;
  • Install a pull handle on the family washroom with key access box on other side for emergency access;

Sail Training building

  • Repair water damage to bottom of east wall, seal and paint wall;


  • Re-stain all 5 Gazebos;
  • Replace any floor boards that are needed;

Race Shack

  • New A/C needed;
  • New man door needed;
  • Replace/repair soffit & facia;
  • Install red lights over scoring desk;

Members lockers on North wall

  • New doors – cut to size and paint;
    • 2’ x 4’ x 3/4 ” plywood x 80 for doors;
    • Install new hardware where needed;

Electrical Building (on hill between clubhouse and office)

  • Repair or replace door frame ;
  • Install vinyl siding, soffit and facia;
  • Replace doors on east side of building;

Electrical Building at 5 Dock

  • Scrape and paint or stain;