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Race Program

There will be one fee for joining the Sarnia Yacht Club Race Program this year. Once you have paid the SYC race fee you then need to decide which series you want to race. You must register on online for each of the different series and pay the $10 fee per series for registering. Note: You can race in all 3 series if you wish.

Race Schedule

Due to Covid we are unable to race with PHYC

SYC Weekend Race Series Schedule
Race 1 17-Jul-21
Race 2 14-Aug-21
Race 3 28-Aug-21

Race 4


Race 5 25-Sep-21


Membership Application
Race Program
MORC held Wednesday Nights

Double Handed

Jarvis-Kern Double Handed Race
Huron Double Handed Challenge
MORC Double Handed Series

Notice of Race Double Handed Series 2022

Upcoming Events

BBQ Race
Awards Dinner

Port Huron Yacht Club

Lake Huron PHRF Association

Race Results

Race Day Procedure

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