Rule #34:     Boats stored on SYC property need to lock up their ladders to cradles.  Also pull up the boarding ladders as thieves can access your boat as well as others beside you by using a step stool.  This also prevents animals from boarding your boat and others beside you and doing damage inside if the hatches are left open.

Rule #33:     Electrical cords must be disconnected when unattended during the winter storage.
Rule #37:    All items stored on SYC property must be clearly identified with owners name so that we know who owns it.


We are located at the southern end of Lake Huron. We have 380 full members and 200 associate members. The basin has 350 wet wells with a fuel dock with gas and diesel. A full service "Galley" , located at the fuel dock, offers a friendly, diverse menu complete with all-day breakfast, lunches and full meal deals during the boating season. The Clubhouse, where we hold our many social events, has a wet bar and kitchen. Have a look around this site to find more about us.

Mission Statement:  A member owned, operated and maintained facility dedicated to the enjoyment of boating in a friendly, safe environment.

Contact Us

Sarnia Yacht Club
1220 Fort Street
Point Edward, Ontario
Canada  N7V 1M2
E-Mail syc [at] sarniayachtclub [dot] ca
Phone 519 332-6779
Office Ext. 2
Dock Attendant Ext. 3
Bar Ext. 4
Sail Training Ext. 2
Race 226-313-2488
Wheelhouse Ext. 7
Kitchen Ext. 8
Fax 519 332-0674


SYC Flag Officers

Position Name
Commodore Jim Bennett
Vice Commodore Wendy Bartlett
Rear Commodore Erik Mortensen
Secretary Laurie Jensen
Treasurer John McKay



The full service "Galley" (located next to the Fuel Dock) operates during the boating season.  

Happy Jacks


Active Membership

  • ‚Äčvisit the Club an unlimited number of times per year
  • request a wet well (dock) once they have reached the top of the Contact List
  • request a dry well (boat/trailer storage area) 
  • store a boat over the winter
  • be included on the Contact List
  • vote at Annual General Meetings

Active Membership application form
Active Membership application form with deferred initiation fees 

Family Membership

  • visit the Club an unlimited number of time per year
  • use the parent's boat
  • be included on the Contact List

Family Membership application form

Associate Membersip

  • visit the Club an unlimited number of times per year
  • be included on the Contact List (for Associate on Contact List members only)

Associate Membership (Social) application form
Associate Membership (on Contact List) application form

Intermediate Dry Sail Membership

  • visit the Club an unlimited number of times per year
  • be included on the Contact List
  • operate 1 non-powered boat (or 2 kayaks or 2 canoes or 2 paddleboards) launching with a hand dolly from the Hand Dolly Launch Ramp

Associate Membership Intermediate Dry Sail application form

2020 Rates

Membership Fees Rate
Active Membership  
 - Annual Active Membership Fee $451.33
- Initiation Fee(Lump sum, or pay over 6 years with a $25.00/year accounting charge)  $4,450.02
Associate Membership  
- Annual Social Membership Fee $171.68
- Annual Social Membership on Contact List Fee $207.08
- Annual Intermediate Dry Sail Membership Fee $207.08
- Intermediate Dry Sail Initiation Fee $1,800.00
Family Membership  
- Annual Family Membership Fee $451.33


Boating Fees Rate
Summer Mooring or Dry Berth $3.37/sq. ft (LOA * Beam)
Winter Storage $0.71/sq. ft (LOA * Beam)
Launch and Haul-Out $5.60/ft (LOA)


Rate are subject to change without notice.

LOA includes all appenages (e.g.: Pulpit, Motor, Davits)

SYC Webcam

SYC Webcam

The SYC Webcam refreshes every 2.5 minute.

The Webcam has been pointed at the north shoreline to monitor the erosion. 

Gowrie Report

Canadian Yachting Article

Wind Info