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The Sarnia Yacht Club has 380 active members and 250+ associate members. We currently have 350 wet wells, as well as dry sailing availability. Also available for our members is a fuel dock with both gas and diesel fuel, a pump out, and hoisting equipment. There is a Snack Bar “The Galley” located by the fuel dock, which is open during the sailing season for our Members’ convenience. The Clubhouse is fully licensed, with a kitchen and the main hall which overlooks Lake Huron.

Our members receive “The Mainsheet” newsletter, which keeps them informed as to what is happening around the club. The Sarnia Yacht Club also publishes our SYC Roster each year. The Roster is a listing of our members, their boats and most important of all (to associate members) the Contact List. The Roster is printed once a year and is available the first Saturday in June.

The Sarnia Yacht Club is a “members club”, with most of the jobs done by our members. The members vote in a Board of Directors, from their peers, to manage the club.

New Member Sponsorship Letter

Membership Types

Active Membership

  • Visit the Club an unlimited number of times per year
  • Request a wet well (dock) once they have reached the top of the Contact List
  • Request a dry well (boat/trailer storage area) 
  • Store a boat over the winter
  • Be included on the Contact List
  • Vote at Annual General Meetings
  • Donate 8 hours of labour to the club

Family Membership

  • Visit the Club an unlimited number of time per year
  • Use the parent’s boat
  • Be included on the Contact List

Associate Membership

  • Visit the Club an unlimited number of times per year
  • Be included on the Contact List (for Associate on Contact List members only)
  • Held by an individual for personal use.
  • Associates do not have any boating privileges.

When an associate member reaches the top of the Contact List, and mooring becomes available, they will be contacted to apply to become an Active Member with wet well privileges. Includes: associate membership card, SYC car window decal, and a current SYC Roster upon approval.

Intermediate Dry Sail Membership

  • Visit the Club an unlimited number of times per year
  • Be included on the Contact List
  • Operate 1 non-powered boat (or 2 kayaks or 2 canoes or 2 paddleboards) launching with a hand dolly from the Hand Dolly Launch Ramp

Racing Membership

  • Is held by an individual for racing purposes only and social functions associated with racing.  
  • This class of membership will have restricted access to SYC property and use club facilities for racing days only.  Gate card access will only be activated on scheduled race days or specific days as requested by the Active Member Captain in advance. 
  • Associate Racing members may not invite guests
  • Does not have any individual boating privileges at the SYC meaning you cannot operate or bring in any boat or watercraft to SYC.

Membership Fees

Active Membership  
– Annual Active Membership Fee $495.98
– Initiation Fee (Lump sum, or pay over 5 years with a $25.00/year accounting charge) $4,450.00
Associate Membership  
– Annual Social Membership Fee $372.38
– Annual Social Membership on Contact List Fee $397.38
– Annual Associate Racer $208.00
– Annual Intermediate Dry Sail Membership Fee $397.38
– Intermediate Dry Sail Initiation Fee $1,800.00
Family Membership  
– Annual Family Membership Fee $495.98

Boating Fees

Summer Mooring or Dry Berth         $3.66/sq. ft (LOA * Beam)
Winter Storage $0.77/sq. ft (LOA * Beam)
Launch and Haul-Out $3.80/ft (LOA)


Membership and boat rates are subject to change without notice.

LOA includes all appendages (e.g.: Pulpit, Motor, Davits)

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