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The SYC registration form is posted (Form)

Please remeber to go to to renew your PHRF for 2019

2019 Huron Doublehanded Challenge

Below  are the NOR, SI's to the MORC Double Handed Series



















 8.1       RC will assign all participating yachts a unique “Participant Number (PN).         (Your Sail Number )                                                  

  8.2         No earlier than 0001 (12:01 A.M) and no later than one half (1/2) hour prior to the                start of the first race of any/all racing on a given day, all participating yachts shall cause their PN to be recorded with RC by one of the following methods:

• TEXT: Text your PN to (810) 294-0473.

• EMAIL: Email your PN only to phyc [dot] syc [dot] reg [at] gmail [dot] com

• PHYSICALLY: At the PHYC race shack beginning 2-1/2 hours prior to the start of the first race of any/all racing on a given day.          

8.3          Any participant retiring from or revising their racing status shall notify RC with their PN as soon as practicable but not later than one (1) hour after so doing by one of the following methods:

• TEXT: Text your PN with the notation “retiring” to: (810) 294-0473        

• EMAIL: Email your PN with the notation “retiring” to phyc [dot] syc [dot] reg [at] gmail [dot] com

• Contact the SYC race shack at (519) 332-6779 ext. 6. • Contact RC on VHF 72

8.4         Failure to comply with 8.2 and/or 8.3 will result in a 10% scoring penalty for the day. This modifies RRS A5.


 Race Registration

There will be one fee for joining the SYC Race Program this year. Once you have paid the SYC race fee you then need to decide which series you want to race. You must register on yachtscoring for each of the different series and pay the $10 fee per series for registering.

SYC Race fee - $75

Note: You can race in all 3 series if you wish. Please refer to schedule for dates.

The Morc DH Series is posted below.

2019_SYC_Registration MORC_Race Application 2019



MORC Results




Jarvis-Kern Double Handed Race




2019 Huron Double Handed Challenge 
2019 HDC Notice & Conditions of Race 2019 HDC Sailing Instructions

2019 HDC Required Equipment List




MORC Double Handed Series

NOR DH Series 2019 DH series si 2019




PHYC / SYC Racing Series



Lake Huron International Regatta





Frienship Race



 Memorial Race