Membership Information

The Sarnia Yacht Club

      We are located at 1220 Fort Street, Sarnia Ontario, at the south end of Lake Huron and have been in existence since 1932.  We have 380 active members and 250+ associate members.  We currently have 350 wet wells, as well as dry sailing availability.  Also available for our members is a fuel dock with both gas and diesel fuel, a pump out, and hoisting equipment.  There is a Snack Bar “The Galley” located by the fuel dock, which is open during the sailing season for our Members’ convenience.  The Clubhouse is fully licensed, with a kitchen and the main hall which overlooks Lake Huron.  During the year there are many events for our members to attend… with TGIF’s happening the last Friday of most months, Saturday Lunches, which are put on by the members, run every Saturday from January – April, other events include Father’s Day Breakfast, Mother’s Day Dinner, Summer BBQ’s, The Commodore’s Party, Xmas Levee and The New Year’s Eve Party.  With regatta’s and other events, the clubhouse is a buzz of activity. 

     During the year the members receive our newsletter called “The Mainsheet”, which keeps them informed as to what is happening around the club.  All members with e-mail addresses will also receive information on all current activities via the internet. The Sarnia Yacht Club also publishes our SYC Roster each year.  The Roster is a listing of our members, their boats and most important of all (to associate members) the Contact List.  The Roster is printed once a year and is available the first Saturday in June. 
     The Sarnia Yacht Club is a “members club”, with most of the jobs done by our members.  The members vote in a Board of Directors, from their peers, to manage the club.
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 Associate Membership:  
       There are two types of Associate Members, 'Associates-Social' and 'Associate on the Contact List'.  An Associate-Social membership allows the Member the social privileges of the Sarnia Yacht Club. An Associate - on the Contact List allows the member the social privileges of the Sarnia Yacht Club as well as being placed on the Contact List.  The Contact List is a waiting list for associate members who wish to become full active members with wet well privileges. You must be a Canadian citizen to be entered onto the Contact List.

     Anyone interested in becoming an associate member must complete an Associate Membership Application Form which will be presented to the Board of Directors for approval.  A cheque in the amount of the membership fee(contact the SYC Office for current pricing) must accompany the application.  The membership director will notify successful applicants upon approval by the board.  They will also receive an associate membership card, SYC car window decal, and a current SYC Roster. Associate members are encouraged to join in the activities of the club. 

      When an associate member reaches the top of the Contact List, and a mooring becomes available, they will be contacted by the Membership Director and asked if they would like to apply to become an Active Member with wet well privileges.    

Active Membership:
     An active membership entitles the member to vote in the club elections, become involved on the Board of Directors or other Committees and obtain a wet or dry well at the club.  As an active member you would be required to donate 8 hours of labour to the club.  “Workday” is the first Saturday of June, this is when the members “spruce up the club” and get it ready for the boating season.  If you do not donate your 8 hours of labour, you will be billed a workday fee. 

     Depending on the size of your boat, it is also possible to dry sail using the hoist to launch your boat (max.  3,000 lbs.) or using the launch ramp.  As a dry sailor you would have a designated parking spot in the yard for your boat.  To become a dry sailor you must become an active member and pay the assocaite charges (cotact the office for current fees).  There may or may not be a waiting list to become a dry sailor.  Your name would still be placed on the contact list for a mooring, and when you reach the top of the list you would be offered a “wet” well.  The charges for being a dry sailor are the same as having a wet well.


SYC Office hours:

Winter: Tuesday to Thursday 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Summer: Tuesday to Friday  9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Ph. 519-332-6779 ext. 1
e-mail: syc [at] cogeco [dot] net