2020 Rates

Membership Fees Rate
Active Membership  
 - Annual Active Membership Fee $451.33
- Initiation Fee(Lump sum, or pay over 6 years with a $25.00/year accounting charge)  $4,450.02
Associate Membership  
- Annual Social Membership Fee $171.68
- Annual Social Membership on Contact List Fee $207.08
- Annual Intermediate Dry Sail Membership Fee $207.08
- Intermediate Dry Sail Initiation Fee $1,800.00
Family Membership  
- Annual Family Membership Fee $451.33


Boating Fees Rate
Summer Mooring or Dry Berth $3.37/sq. ft (LOA * Beam)
Winter Storage $0.71/sq. ft (LOA * Beam)
Launch and Haul-Out $5.60/ft (LOA)


Rate are subject to change without notice.

LOA includes all appenages (e.g.: Pulpit, Motor, Davits)